This Medium Topic Made Me $1400+

And it's NOT about money or Medium stats.

Maya Sayvanova


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There are Medium trends you must know.

If you’re just starting on Medium and still writing about anything and researching, you’ve probably noticed what does well.

  • Writing about money
  • Writing about Medium
  • Writing about money made on Medium (like this one)

But making money on Medium by writing about making money on Medium isn’t a business. It’s an MLM scheme.

In fact, I think the main idea of recent Medium changes was for Medium to avoid that type of thing. They want to be known for good, useful writing.

Plus, surely, you have other interests than your Medium stats. Other opinions. Other expertise.

So why not share that?

There are SO MANY topics that do well here. Recently, one of my newsletter subscribers told me he has a great, active audience here, and he writes about Computer Science.

As a more seasoned Medium writer with over 360 published articles on the platform, I’ve tried many topics: some broader, others specific. Medium, I think, is a great place for a writer to write about anything and everything, so that’s what I do.



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