Perfect Timing: 5 Signs You’re Not Ready For What You Want

So that you can get ready.

Author: KamauxKamau from Kenya

You know you can do it alone.

You totally got this. In fact, even the thought of asking for help kind of irritates you. You don’t need someone to come here and mess up your beautiful act. You know what you’re doing, you have your own voice, your own agenda.

Every failure kills you a little bit.

They should teach shoulder-shrugging in school. Did you fail that test? Oh, well, life goes on. You didn’t make the team? Don’t worry about it, there are better things coming.

You’re in a hurry.

Can we skip the part with the paying of the dues and just go to success, please? Who do I have to talk to about this?

You blame it on circumstances.

I have two small children. A toddler and a baby. It is a jam-packed schedule, people.

Other people’s approval is more important than getting better.

To get better, you have to be okay with sucking for a while.

Let’s make lots of money doing what we love. Also, I’m raising 2 kids and trying to lose weight. Fun times!

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