I Now Think About Money The Way Rich People Do.

My mindset was already fine — but it wasn’t a million-dollar mindset.

Maya Sayvanova
9 min readJul 14, 2021
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“How about we go see your cousins this weekend? The kids behave lately. We can book a hotel, have a nice time,” I told my husband as we were driving to see a parrots’ show.

Our two boys, a toddler and a baby, travelled in peace in the back, laughing at each other. It got me thinking we could finally attempt a real trip after spending way too much time at home the past couple of years.

“We’ve got that baby shower at the end of the month, and you wanted to go somewhere in August, didn’t you? We need to be careful with money now.”

A couple of close friends who never married were about to have a baby, and they were throwing a baby shower with the enthusiasm (and budget) most people invest in their wedding. It was a big deal.

And in August, the toddler’s pre-school was closed. So it would be best we spend some time on vacation.

Apparently, a simple weekend getaway on top of all that was too much to ask.

I was a little pissed.

Our income had dived in the past year, mostly because I took the difficult decision to stop working with clients and focus on blogging and writing a book…



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