Here’s the best thing about it.

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In 2018, my husband started a business with a friend.

I kept my mouth shut when he announced it. I never really liked that friend, nor did I think the business idea was anything spectacular, but I long thought my husband had the qualities to make it as an entrepreneur. Considering our son was growing in me, it was kind of a “now or never” moment.

So I said, “Great,” even though I knew we’d live on side hustles for a while.

After the first year, they started to take some “yearly salary”, meaning they’d make an alright paycheck once…

Sometimes we adjust our dreams to fit the road, instead of adjusting the road to fit our dreams.

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Proms are ridiculous in Bulgaria, and mine was too.

Thousands of dollars are spent on dresses and suits and hair and makeup. Most people hire their own professional photographer. Families invite grandparents and uncles and distant cousins to their homes; then they send off their proud graduate to school with an expensive car that’s hired or borrowed from a friend.

In front of the school, former classmates group and regroup for more photos, compare budgets and clothing and the aforementioned cars; and plan the night ahead.

Then they get in the cars again and screaming and counting to 12 (for…

Let’s say The One exists. Does lifelong movie love exist also?

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“I bet you’d be in the top 5%,” my boyfriend told me with a smile as we were walking home from dinner.

We were crossing Tower Bridge, discussing the concept of The One — is there really such a thing, and if so, how do you know you’ve found him or her.

What we concluded was there is no “one” per se. Instead, there are a handful of people in the world who are one’s suitable mates, and some of them are more suitable than others.

“Well, you better be careful because you’re moving down in my list,” I answered.

My mindset was already fine — but it wasn’t a million-dollar mindset.

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“How about we go see your cousins this weekend? The kids behave lately. We can book a hotel, have a nice time,” I told my husband as we were driving to see a parrots’ show.

Our two boys, a toddler and a baby, travelled in peace in the back, laughing at each other. It got me thinking we could finally attempt a real trip after spending way too much time at home the past couple of years.

“We’ve got that baby shower at the end of the month, and you wanted to go somewhere in August, didn’t you? …

“I’m trying, and he doesn’t.”

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“I wrote and deleted what I wrote several times. Thank you to everyone who will read and try to help.

I’m 29 and a mother of an 8-month-old baby who was planned and wanted.

Everything between the father and me was great until I gave birth. Our relationship deteriorated fast. I’m tired, distracted and moody, and he doesn’t miss a chance to shove it in my face.

I keep telling him that parenting is difficult and we need time to adjust. He does try, and he is a great dad, but he definitely contributes to my moodiness. I’m trying, and…

Pursue your dreams, your way.

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The important and difficult job is never to find the right answers. It is to find the right question. — Peter Drucker

I took a simple step; my knee cracked and bent sideways. When I fell on it, it got back in place, and I attempted to get up. I couldn’t.

Before pain completely overtook my brain, I heard a wave of gasps going through the audience.

From the ages of 14 till 18, I was a hip hop dancer. I was good too. In 2015, a bit after I graduated high school, a bit after I got rejected from…

I’ve given up greatness and look for MVPs.

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I feel how uneven my breathing is as my fingers hover over the keyboard, unable to keep typing, and it only makes me panic more.

I’m writing my second novel, and my only goal is to complete it. Nothing else. I’ve given up greatness and embraced humility. I had to after I rewrote my first book about a million times and at the end scrapped it for it had become an ugly, unreadable monster.

One of the reasons it came to that was having too many choices. …

Let me tell you a story.

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I smiled and hummed some melody while I was waiting for the train.

I wasn’t supposed to be in a good mood. It was 2015, about a year and a half after I had quit my job to become a life coach — and coaching wasn’t going great.

My few clients couldn’t afford to pay much. Frankly, I wasn’t sure I was worth it anyway.

My husband wasn’t making that much either but was reluctant to leave his job. He was too loyal to the person who had hired him straight out of university and too afraid his expertise wasn’t…

And what’s the one thing you should be doing slow, no matter what.

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I released the clutch too fast, the Fiat 500 shot straight ahead, and dust from the gravel-covered parking flew into my mouth through the open window. Then the car died.

For my 30th birthday, my mother had given me a trip for two to Sicily. After a few days of lying by the Mediterranian sea, my husband and I got a car and went to see Palermo.

A few minutes before leaving the hotel, my husband remembered he had forgotten his wallet (men!), so he left the car in a hurry, blocking a couple of other cars. …

You’re more likely to end up successful and unhappy than happy and unsuccessful.

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“Don’t talk to me like I was a part of your charity program. I worked my ass off for you!” I half-screamed at my boss as he was leaving for the airport.

The company was still small back then. Three of us worked out of our tiny London office nestled on the landing below the owner’s apartment and above a pub with flowers hanging at the entrance.

“And you know why I’m always happy? Because I don’t let anyone fuck with my happiness. Have a nice flight,” I added and slammed the door in his face.

Here’s the story behind…

Maya Sayvanova

Sharing the journey to greatness. Aspiring novelist (traditional publishing only), mother of two, wife, weight-loser.

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