Simple mind shifts to trick you into success.

Apparently, feeling lousy is a good thing.

Photo by Mesut-Cicen, Pexels

I hate my car.

It’s a shame because we just bought it a few months ago, and I approved the purchase.

It’s a decent car. It has the most important features: an automatic, four doors, small but spacious, boot big enough to fit a stroller and a scooter. It even…

Money, relationships, career, great body — all you want.

Photo by Gabb Tapique from Pexels

I know the thought creeps up on you sometimes.

As you’re lying in your bed, trying to go to sleep. As you’re dealing with yet another rejection. Worse yet, as you realize you haven’t dealt with rejection because you haven’t even tried.

As you’re peering through your fingers at the…

Maya Sayvanova

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