I do things I never found the time and energy to do before.

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“Good thing I have a baby so that I can finally have some sleep,” said no one ever.

Kids change your life in a lot of ways. One of the first things they do is disrupt your sleep schedule.

Remember when you could go to bed whenever you wanted to and sleep through the night undisturbed?

I said goodbye to this life 2,5 years ago when I had my firstborn. He was a relatively easy baby but still took about half a year to learn how to sleep six uninterrupted hours and another year to sleep through the night.


You just have to know how to use it.

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Fear is my favourite companion.

It’s a little bit like me: the black sheep of emotions. We call it the opposite of love. Whenever we talk about it, we use words like “deal with it”, “overcome it”, “eliminate it”.

I say enough. I’m about to make you fall in love with your fears. Ready?

Bad & Good Emotions.

Our problems with fear are rooted in the premise that there are good emotions and bad emotions. Fear is the worst one ever.

What if there aren't good and bad emotions? What if all emotions are just gusts of wind, moving us in the right direction…

If it’s just you and your computer, forget about success.

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My greatest copywriting success was learning how to sell my high-ticket service for a lot of money. I’m talking anywhere from $5000 to $15 000 per project.

And if I had to name the thing that helped most with that, you’d be surprised.

But let’s rewind for a second.

When I first quit my job in 2014 to try to do something on my own, I got certified as a life coach and did coaching for about a year. Then I had to admit it wasn’t my thing. …

Calm down. Success is coming.

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I passed out last night.

It was around 5.30 am on a third difficult night in a row. My toddler was waking up crying and only wanted mommy. My baby needed me every few hours too.

On that particular occasion, I had to change the baby’s diaper but didn’t have one on the nightstand, where I usually keep them, so I got up to get a few from the laundry room. Had you asked me before I stood up, I felt okay. Tired, yes, but fully awaken and okay.

I took a few steps, and I woke up on the…

When you stop wanting it, you’ll achieve it. Here’s why.

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I used to work on my first novel because I really wanted to be a writer.

I stuck with it because I believed I’d never get a better idea, and even when I could feel that it sucked and would take me nowhere, I wrote page after page, nonsense after nonsense, just to be stunned by my own lack of skill.

One day it hit me: the idea that I can only have one good idea — it’s ridiculous.

The idea that a real writer would never give up on his work: also ridiculous. All successful writers had written a…

#2. The most tired cliches in literature

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We all have books in us. What makes some of us writers — and some of the writers more successful than others — is knowing how to write these books.

I’ve been on the Facebook group Writers Help Writers for a while now, and I see this question a lot. “What do I absolutely need to know to write a novel?” After writing my first novel for ten years and then giving up on it, I’ve learned a lot about what you absolutely need to know to write a book.

If you’re thinking about writing a novel, or you’ve started…

You have all you need to do this.

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There’s an Aesop fable I love.

For weeks and weeks, there had been no rain. The streams and pools had dried to dust, and all animals were thirsty. Two crows flying together in search of water spotted a pitcher that had been left on a garden wall. They flew to it and saw that it was half full of water. But neither one could reach far enough inside the pitcher’s narrow neck to get a drink.

“There must be a way to get that water,” said the first crow. “If we think it through, we’ll find an answer.”

The second…

Time shamelessly passes us by. What will you do?

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YOLO is the stupidest way of thinking ever.

“You only live once”, for those of you not clear on the acronym, and the meaning is live for the moment without giving a crap about the future.

It’s an awesome way to waste time and end up broke, alone and miserable. It’s an awesome way to feed your ego and ruin your life.

And it’s the most idiotic way I know to deal with being mortal.

I do get it, of course. We all do. …

Hint: you don’t have to wait for it.

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Here’s a fun experiment.

Researchers gave 100 humans a bunch of chopsticks and some marshmallows, and the goal was to build the highest structure. Humans were separated into teams of 3–4 people.

Here’s the catch. For 50 of the humans, this was just a fun team competition. To the other 50, a reward was offered: the team with the highest tower would win $100.

This is one of the experiments they did in “100 Humans”, a fun research show on Netflix where they use a hundred random people to test different theories.

Here’s my question: which of the two teams…

I scrapped a project after working on it for 10 years. Maybe you should do the same.

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It wasn’t an easy decision.

My first ever novel was my baby, and something I believed in with all my heart.

The idea came to me much the same way as did the Harry Potter idea to J.K. — suddenly and out of nowhere. It was exciting and powerful.

And it did change my life. Only not in the way I thought it would.

Why I gave it up.

The short story is that, after re-writing it for the hundredth time, I still wanted to re-write it again.

Only this time, I stopped myself and finally opened my heart to the truth. …

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On success in life & in writing.

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